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Grief Counseling

The pain from loss and change is called grief.  The following are some suggestions for understanding and coping with grief. Know what to expect 
When a death occurs, you may experience a wide range of emotions. These feelings are normal and common reactions to loss. Some emotions that may be experienced include the following:
Confusion    Disbelief    Mania        Shock
    Anxiety        Denial        Guilt        Numbness    Relief
    Blame        Despair        Helplessness    Sadness        Yearning
Grief reactions can also affect the body.  The behavior, and the mind.  Seeing images and feeling a sense of presence are normal occurrences.

How to help those who are grieving:

*Be present and available
*Be a non-judgmental listener.  Do not interrupt.
*Let the person cry

Other information is available on request.

Grief Couseling: Text
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